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A Non-Profit Recycling Organization Serving Livingston County Since 1989

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are we located, when are we open and what do we accept?

Click the "Home" link at the top to see where we are located along with recycling times. Use the links on the left to view accepted and unaccepted materials.

Do we take used motor oil, antifreeze or old gas?

No, these materials are considered household hazardous waste. See the FAQ on Hazardous Waste for further information.

Why am I asked for a donation when I recycle?

Recycle Livingston has regular expenses that are necessary to stay in business. These expenses include utilities, insurance, supplies, transportation charges and salaries. The money that we receive from the sale of recyclable materials does not cover all of our expenses. It is through memberships, donations and fund raisers that we are able to continue this service to the community.

Don't you make money on the materials?

We do not receive money for all of the materials that we accept, even though all of the materials are recycled. The cost of transportation often offsets the value of the materials. In other cases, we are going through another recycling center to have the material baled. That company is then responsible for selling the material. Those companies will sometimes pass along some of the proceeds from the sale, if the value is high enough.

Where can I get my paper shredded?

You can call Royal Oak Recycling at the White Lake location for convenient drop off or to watch them shred the paper. Their telephone number is 1-248-541-4020 or look online for other facilities.

Why do I need to separate different types of paper?

We sell different types of paper at different rates, depending upon the quality of the paper. White office paper is usually the most valuable with magazines being the least valuable. We get no money for the paper if it is not separated. When recyclers bring unsorted paper to the site, one or more of the volunteers must go through it and separate it. This causes backups in the paper trailer.

Where can I dispose of hazardous waste?

The Livingston County Hazardous Waste Department has hazardous waste collection days scheduled throughout the year (except in the winter months). For this year's collection dates, check the County's website or call them at 517-545-9609. You must have an appointment for drop off. Call the County ahead to schedule an appointment and tell them what you plan to bring.

EQ-Industrial Services, Inc. HHW Hotline: 313-923-2240 Call for prices and arrangements for drop off.

Environmental Recycling Group (ERG) PH: 734-437-9650 13040 Merriman Rd. Livonia, MI

Innovative Recycling and Waste Services of Wixom will dispose of hazardous waste for a fee. Please call ahead and tell them what you plan to bring. Their telephone number is 248-449-7216. Their address is 28265 Beck Road, Suite C-6, Wixom.

Please let us know of any other hazardous waste recycling businesses in the area.

Where can I recycle paint?

Determine if the paint is latex or oil-based: If the clean-up instructions indicate mineral spirits or solvents, the paint is oil-based. If the warning label says COMBUSTIBLE, the paint is oil-based.

Latex paint, when completely dried out, is not considered "hazardous waste". Find a well-ventilated area protected from pets and children to allow the paint to dry naturally. To speed up the process, add absorbent material such as kitty litter or sawdust or apply the paint to newspaper or cardboard. When latex paint is completely dry, leave the lid off and place the container of hardened paint with the regular trash.

Oil-based paints can harm the environment, and must be disposed of as hazardous waste. See the FAQ on Hazardous Waste for further information.

Where can I recycle computers?

Recycle Livingston is now collecting electronics. Electronics recycling is free with a membership or with a $3 gate fee for nonmembers.

I have other hard to recyle items, where do I find information?

This guide has many answers to hard-to-recycle questions. Please call Recycle Livingston for any hard to recycle questions.